Ethical Trade Alliance operates across all Countries and industry sectors supporting every exporter and importer to improve the way they do global trade.

About Us

ETA brings together the world’s best providers of ethical and sustainable products and services in a single, user friendly global platform for the exclusive use of industry associations and their members.
Quite simply, we provide the tools and infrastructure for industry associations to transform their members’ global supply chains into ethical and sustainable businesses of the future. The types of future businesses which consumers are demanding and which Governments all across the globe are enforcing stricter compliance and reporting frameworks.


Modern Slavery Audits

ETA CSR audits enable manufacturers anywhere in the world to become independently certified for modern slavery reporting compliance

Sustainable Procurement Audits

ETA is able to independently certify that your organisation’s procurement policies and procedures are aligned with best-practice in ethics and sustainability

Packaging and Handling

Reduce your product’s impact with ETA sustainable & environmentally friendly packaging solutions

International Freight Warehousing and Logistics

ETA has exclusive partnerships with service providers who offer sustainable freight, logistics and distribution solutions

Internet of Things, Blockchain and Trade Modernization Audits

From electronic documentation right through to blockchain encrypted product verification and traceability, ETA partners with the world’s leading technology providers across global trade

Ethical Trade Finance

Every global business relies on smart cash flow and finance. Now you can also identify finance providers who offer ethical finance products too

Carbon Footprint Reporting

ETA partners with C02 specialists who are able to assess your company’s carbon footprint enabling you to implement continual improvement programs for the future

Corporate Social Responsibility Training Programs

ETA facilitates a diverse range of sustainable supply chain training programs on behalf of global industry associations. All of which support their members to improve their CSR practices

Product Lifescycle management solutions

ETA partners are able to track your product’s full life cycle from raw materials right through to disposal in order to identify every possible area of reducing the impact on people and the planet

Global Tenders and RFQ

The ETA global platform enables buyers to list their specific purchasing requirements with ONLY ethical and sustainable suppliers from all across the globe

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